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Local Demographics

Grayer than Average

The results from the 2011 census are in from Statistics Canada, and the numbers show some interesting trends in our area. 

For the purposes of this article and accompanying charts, the census areas that were looked at were:

  1. Township of Chatsworth

  2. Municipality of Meaford

  3. Town of the Blue Mountains (TBM)

  4. Municipality of West Grey

  5. Township of Clearview

  6. City of Collingwood

  7. City of Owen Sound

Here are some of the interesting findings:

The area with the highest percentage of Second Resident Dwellings is without a doubt the Town of the Blue Mountains (TBM) with 54%, followed by Grey Highlands with 29%, then Collingwood with 22%.  The area with the least amount of second residence dwellings is Owen Sound at 5% which is lower than the Provincial percentage at 8%.

The area with the highest Percentage Population Growth would without a doubt be Collingwood at 11.3% higher than the Province of Ontario at 5.7%, while the Municipality of West Grey stayed the same and the Town of the Blue Mountains showed a decline of 5.5%.

In Ontario the Percentage of the Population aged 65+ is 15%.  In the Town of the Blue Mountains the percentage is a whopping 28% followed closely by Meaford at 24%.  What is interesting is that each of the local areas that were focused on have a higher Percentage of the Population aged 65+, than the Provincial percentage of 15%.





Another interesting trend is the Median Age in our area.  The median age for the province of Ontario is 40.3 years, while all of the local areas focused on have a median age of 43.7 years or more (Clearview Township). It is no surprise that the Town of the Blue Mountains has the highest median age at 54.2 years followed by Meaford at 50.4 years.  




If you are looking to live in an area with a high population density then either Owen Sound or Collingwood would be your best local choice.  For those looking for more room to roam the population densities of the Municipality of Chatsworth and the Municipality of Grey Highlands have the lowest population density at 10.8, both well below the Provincial density of 14.1

Statistics Canada. 2012. GeoSearch. 2011 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 92-142-XWE. Ottawa, Ontario. Data updated May 29, 2012. 
(accessed 2012-05-29)


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